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Effortless Housing Development in Calgary and Vancouver: The Perks of Zoning-Compliant Pre-Designed Plans

Let's face it, diving into the world of housing development can be a bit of a maze, especially when it comes to dealing with zoning rules.

But what if there was a way to make the process smoother, faster, and way less complicated?

That's where zoning-friendly pre-designed plans step in, and they bring a bunch of benefits to the table.

Fewer Design Hassles

Usually, designing houses involves a lot of back-and-forth. But with zoning-friendly plans, you dodge most of those design headaches.  Our strategically crafted plans take into account cost-efficiencies, forward-thinking design, and different market needs, whether it be for rental or sale. 

These plans are created to fit right into local zoning rules, so you don't have to spend ages tweaking and changing things. Our team also consults with realty, construction, and property management experts to ensure our designs address market needs and trends.  Bliss Pre-Designed Plans incorporate this into each thoughtfully planned design, making the design phase way quicker.

Speedy Approvals

Getting the green light from the Municipal Authority for a project can be a major hold-up. Traditional projects often get stuck in a loop of revisions during Permit approval.

Zoning-friendly plans are designed specifically for City of Calgary zonings like R-C2, R-CG, HGO, and MC.  Some of our plans can get fast tracked through Permit Approvals by taking a different permit strategy.  There are other tricks of the trade to keep projects moving fast, saving a ton of time and avoiding unexpected bumps.  Ask us how.

In Greater Vancouver, our pre-designed plans take advantage of the many new regulations which have resulted directly and indirectly from Bill 44 . For example, in the City of Vancouver, the new R1-1 regulations which were released in September 2023 allow a much higher density on previously zoned Single-Family lots.

Find out more about the City of Vancouver R1-1 zoning .

Supercharge Efficiency

Efficiency is the name of the game in housing development. Zoning-friendly pre-designed plans are like the secret weapon for efficiency. Crafted to fit the needs of different areas, and suited to Calgary standard lot sizes like 50’ or 25’ lots, these plans not only play by the rules but also speed up the approval game.  Our City of Vancouver pre-designed plans are optimized for 50’ and 33’ lots.

Bliss Pre-Designed Plans takes full advantage of these efficiencies, saving a solid 3 to 5 months in the lead-up to construction. That means homes hit the market faster, meeting the need for quick and scalable solutions.

So, in a nutshell, zoning-friendly pre-designed plans make the whole housing development gig way easier. From smoothing out the design phase to turbocharging the approval process, this approach is like a breath of fresh air for builders, developers, and investors alike. Bliss plans are the magic ingredient, showing how smart thinking can shake up the housing game.

By going for this clever strategy, developers not only meet but beat the demands of a fast-paced housing market. It's all about opening up new possibilities for speed, scalability, and success.

Ask us how we can help boost your building projects, so you can build more housing, faster. Email us at


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