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1 million lives

across the globe.

Phase One Design's Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is to enhance 1 million lives across the globe in the next 10 years. Over the past 17 years, Phase One has been in pursuit of enhancing lives and creating legacies which have become the essence of our existence. With our growing aspirations and broadening ambitions, we envision transcending beyond our bounds to enhance more lives regardless of race, gender, geography, age, and categories. 1 million may seem ambitious in 10 years nevertheless we firmly believe in our collective capacity to touch lives in small and big ways alike,


Enhancing lives doesn't always require monumental efforts. By embracing kindness, exhibiting compassion, fostering hope, and serving as an inspiration, we can collectively make a positive difference. These little ways of enhancing lives may seem insignificant individually, but when multiplied by millions, they become a force for transformative change. The spectrum of diversity at Phase One has inspired us even more to expand our mission globally.  From building homes for the less fortunate, relief operations to calamity-stricken sites to voluntary coaching of para-athletes or simple small acts of kindness to our neighbors, the road to 1 million is indeed within reach.


Do you want to be involved?

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