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Designing an R-CG Fourplex or Rowhouse in the City of Calgary

Are you considering developing rowhouses in Calgary's Residential Grade-Oriented Infill (R-CG) or R-CGex zoning districts? Let's break down the regulations with some specific examples:


The maximum density for parcels designated R-CG District is 75 units per hectare. This means that on a one-hectare plot of land, you can potentially build up to 75 rowhouse units.  Most City of Calgary standard inner city lots are not this large, of course.  Most standard lot sizes allow 4 to 5 units, plus secondary suites.

Building Setbacks

For rowhouse buildings, specific rules govern setbacks from property lines. For instance, the minimum building setback from a front property line is typically 3.0 meters. This means that the front of the rowhouse building must be at least 3.0 meters away from the front property line.

Building Depth and Separation

The maximum building depth is 65.0 percent of the parcel depth for a building containing a unit. So, if your parcel depth is 36 meters, the maximum building depth for a rowhouse unit would be 23.4 meters.  Also, if you are building more than one building on your property, there are regulations regarding the placement distance between the two buildings.  The distance between two buildings will also dictate the amount of windows that building will be allowed to have, and in order to comply with Alberta Building Code requirements.

Landscaping and Outdoor Living Space Requirements

For developments of three units or more, landscaped areas must be provided according to an approved landscape plan. Let's say you have a development of 4 rowhouse units. You'd need to ensure that a certain portion of the land is dedicated to outdoor amenity space for residents, including landscaped areas, enhancing the livability and aesthetic appeal of the community.

Parking and Storage

The minimum number of motor vehicle parking stalls required is calculated based on the total number of rowhouse units. For example, if you have 4 rowhouse units, you'd need to provide a minimum of 4 motor vehicle parking stalls.  The size of the parking stalls vary depending on the design of the parking stalls.

Waste Management

Developments with three or more rowhouse units must have designated areas for garbage, recycling, and organics storage. These areas must be screened and approved by the Development Authority.

Understanding the City of Calgary Land Use Bylaw is crucial for planning and designing rowhouse developments in the R-CG and R-CGex districts of Calgary. By adhering to these regulations, you can ensure that your rowhouse project is compliant, functional, and contributes positively to the community's urban landscape. Working closely with professionals like our team at Phase One Design or Bliss Home Designs can help you navigate these requirements effectively and create successful rowhouse developments.  Contact us for a Complimentary Consultation or email us at


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