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Dream homes
for everyone

Discover our carefully curated collection of home plans designed to enhance the lives of every homeowner.


Let's find your Bliss

Explore Bliss Home Designs collection of thoughtfully pre-designed, permit-ready, zoning-compliant, and affordable luxury hom

Passion propelled the birth of Bliss Home Designs;

 passion for bringing every dream home to life, passion for building a house to call home,

passion for evoking that feeling of Bliss that comes with these endeavours, and passion for enhancing

1 million lives across the globe.

For over 17 years, through Phase One Design under the leadership of  Kathy Yuen, our team has taken part in more than a thousand dream home journeys, meticulously crafting beautiful backdrops for families to write their life stories and forge lasting memories. We have created dream homes that fulfill their collective aspirations and encapsulate their ideal vision of Bliss.

In 2020, we decided to broaden our horizons and. touch more lives. We envisioned making our award-winning design excellence within the reach of more homeowners. After years of refining the process, Bliss has finally established a novel approach home design adaptable to various zoning across Calgary and Vancouver - making homes available for all.

Fast forward to 2024,  passion for guiding every dreamer to find their Bliss continue to burn, through our carefully-curated collection of permit-ready, zoning compliant, and affordable pre-designed plans - brought about by the collective experiences and seasoned expertise of our designers, bylaws experts, builders, and industry partners.

Let us help you find your Bliss!


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